39. To Be Submitted to a Power, or to Live in the Divine Will

There is a difference between obeying orders that we think come from God by an intermediary and trying to live in the Divine Will. The difference is even greater when these orders are imposed by the coercion of the State and are not justified by the common good.

Moses [Mussa] was an intermediary to make known to the Hebrew people and to the world the ten commandments of God, which, for the most part, are interdictions. We can regret it but there exists no other way to oblige people to do good; laws serve as much as possible to dissuade them from doing evil, under pain of sanctions. The laws given to Moussa (Moses) serve to reveal evil and to fight it.

And afterwards? The power of Satan (Shaytan) cannot be eliminated by laws. The only possibility is to be branched on one more powerful than he is: on the Life of God himself. It is such a branching of Life that Jesus, ‘Issa Al-Massih, has come to bring us, and this permits not only the avoidance of evil but to do good effectively.

After Jesus, ‘Issa Al-Massih, some people have wanted to pose as new intermediaries between God and man, less on the model of Moses bringing laws than on the model of Jesus: they pretended to bring and realize good on earth. And as intermediaries, they pretended equally to be obeyed under pain of death while they destroyed life. But Jesus himself was not an intermediary in this sense. He said of himself that he was the Door and also the Way. It is very different. He is Life coming from the Father.

Some Christians have understood him well and have often written about it, sometimes in relating the words received from God in their heart, as for example Luisa Piccarreta: “My daughter, to live in my Will is to live the life that most resembles that of the blessed in heaven. It is very distant from the life of the soul which conforms simply to my Will and who does it, faithfully executing its orders. The distance between the two is as great as that between heaven and earth, as great as between a son and a servant and between a king and his subject.” [1] And so that my Will may reign, I do not need another humanity [hence no other intermediary], but I want to communicate to souls such a knowledge of my Will that drawn by its prodigies, its beauty, its holiness, and by the immense benefits that come from it, souls may submit to its empire with a perfect love.” [2]

We understand better, then, what will be the glorious coming of Jesus (‘Issa Al-Massih) which will not only annihilate the empire of Antichrist, Ad-Dajjal, but also put into the Divine Will all those who will have accepted the empire of Light and of Truth manifested in Jesus. His reign will be such that the people will be turned toward him and thus be turned away from Satan, who will no longer be able to tempt them (symbolically his power will be “enchained” says the text of the Apocalypse [Ap 20, 1-2]). The people will then organize themselves in the best way possible for the good of all.

God does not ask us to dream, but to hope for his Kingdom while preparing it and prefiguring it. How? In our lives first, by the intention of accomplishing the Divine Will, and this blessing radiates around us.


 [1] Luisa PICCARRETA, 18 September 1924.

 [2] Luisa PICCARRETA, 6 June 1926.

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