35. Time of Peace AFTER the Death of Antichrist

Islamic traditions say that after ‘Issa (Jesus) has destroyed the Antichrist (Ad-Dajjal) a time of peace will come upon the earth. How long a time? According to the traditions (often hadiths), it goes from seven days to 40 years and more.

Yet the temptation is very strong to imagine that before the coming of ‘Issa (Jesus), there could be years of an ideal world on earth and that this ideal earth could be at the reach of the hand (Islamic) - and at the point of a spear. In this very messianic belief, the Mahdi plays an essential role, as this hadith witnesses: “[The Prophet has said:] The Mahdi will count among the last members of my community. Allah will make fall for him an abundant rain, earth will produce then a [luxuriant] vegetation, he will distribute money [from the public Treasury] as is convenient, flocks will multiply, the community will become very strong. He will live seven or nine years” (late parts of the collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Or there is also this other hadith: “The Mahdi is of my posterity, he will have a large forehead and an aquiline nose, he will fill the earth with equity and justice, with as much diligence as it has been corrupted by iniquity and oppression; he will reign seven years” (Abu Dawud, al-Hakim) [1]. It is also specified that the Mahdi will live a year at the side of Jesus. He thus anticipates the taking of global power attributed to ‘Issa. The Mahdi is thus a figure of the political victory of Islam. It is such a dream – the reference to God at least – that serves to justify the projects of the globalists. Now a number of these globalists are linked to Satanist sects. Then?

There are people who limit the harm done by Antichrist, and this is what God wills. Even so, there will be no Mahdi, no Christian, no Muslim, no others, who have in common to make people believe that they will establish a paradise on earth (and who perhaps believe it), but who work in reality to establish the global power of Antichrist.

For the Christian faith, the time of peace will follow the death of Antichrist. There will be much less peace before we approach him. This peace will not simply be an absence of animosity but will be a plenitude in the grace or the radiance of the glorious Coming of the Christ Al-Massih. This will be a universal event accomplishing at once the judgment of the Antichrist Ad-Dajjal (2 Thess 2, 3-12) and the vivification of the just (Hebrews 9, 28). The apparitions of the resurrected Christ give us an idea of it, in the sense that he showed himself in a “glorious body.” At the Day of Judgment, Jesus (‘Issa) will return in glory for a “regeneration(Matthew 19, 28) and a “restauration” (Acts 3, 21), accomplishing the reign of God “on earth as in heaven” (Matthew 6, 10). “He who does what is true comes to the light” (John 3, 21); on that Day, not only the witnesses of Jesus (‘Issa) will reign with him, but also all those who will have refused evil (Apocalypse 19, 4). Then mankind, in the spiritual and glorious presence of Christ and the saints who accompany him, will organize itself in forming what Saint Irenaeus, around the year 200, calls the “kingdom of the just” and “the prelude of incorruptibility, a kingdom by which those who will have been judged worthy of it will accustom themselves little by little to apprehend God.” [2] This is also what we call symbolically the 7th day, before the 8th day which is eternity, when Christ will have “given back” the kingdom to the Father (1 Corinthians 15, 22-28).


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