38. Her Genealogy since Adam: Meaning of History

The Sura “The Family of Imran” gives a prestigious genealogy to Maryam, the very pure, and so to ‘Issa Al-Massih (Jesus the Messiah): “Allah has chosen Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of ‘Imran from the world (‘alamin), insofar as they descended the ones from the others. Allah hears and is omniscient” (s. 3, 33-34). This is a summary of the genealogy given in the Gospel according to Saint Luke (Luke 3, 23-38), such as one can read in the ancient Christian writers: this shows its importance.

Saint Paul writes that Jesus is, in some way, the new Adam (Romans 5). What is thus underlined is the meaning of history: with Jesus comes a new beginning. Why was it needed? Clearly, since Adam, described as the “lieutenant (caliph) of God on earth” in the Koran (s. 38, 26), men have turned away from the Will of God.

We know that the words of Satan (Shaytan) turned Adam and his spouse Eve from God. From that, doubtless, comes the idea that to return to Adam’s state of innocence, other words coming this time from Allah would suffice, for example the Shahada. If such words, repeated three times or even a thousand times, sufficed to return to the innocence of Adam, paradise would have been reestablished on earth a long time ago. In reality, evil is not superficial, it marks Adam and Eve profoundly after they have listened to Evil (Shaytan), and their descendants are also marked. There exists a connivance with Evil in each human, and it is only marginally due to the influence of his family. As for Paradise on earth, not only has it not been established, but in its place a system of oppression is in the process of being established on the entire world, plunging it into misery. Not a country has effectively opposed it, including those where Islam is the “religion of state.” And there is no peace: even the Muslim governments are part of the game of the manipulations of the State of Israel.

Yes, the grasp of Evil is profound. Were it not, the Antichrist – the Anti-Massih, anti-‘Issa – would not so easily find partisans, and we already start to see who they will be and are , on the basis of global enslavement. Islam has never opposed slavery: it thinks that slavery by Muslims is a good thing – that alone slavery by non-Muslims would be evil. In reality, in the eyes of God, to enslave is a horror, and so is also all commerce in slaves.

The greatest slavery is that of the lie, which started with the false words of Satan (Shaytan) to Adam and Eve. Only someone who has the stature of a new Adam can liberate us. This has cost him a lot, and his Work is not finished: we are called to collaborate with him by waiting for the Day when the harvest will be ready (Matthew 13, 40-43), when he will come to judge.

If history has a meaning, it is that of liberation from the grasp of Evil, and first of all from its lies, and a turning to mark the history of the world between

- what has passed since Adam up to ‘Issa Al-Massih,

-and what has passed afterwards, from ‘Issa Al-Massih until our day, and in the waiting for the Day of Judgment.

And there will be a second turning after the Day of Judgment, when humanity will turn toward ‘Issa Al-Massih.

Each will discover how much he is loved by God, to the point of collaborating with him, and we will walk toward the goal and the grandeur for which Adam had been created.