28. In 2030, What to Say of the Antichrist (Ad-Dajjal)?

Where will he come from, who will he be? In the past, we could imagine many things, but the implications of a globalization without God give us simple enlightenment.

Satan (Shaytan) dreams of unifying the world in the place of God and of his Messiah Jesus (‘Issa Al-Massih). This unification has nothing to do with a communion of nations and of human groups cooperating in view of their common good. Rather, it is a question of a project consisting of gathering all the powers of the world into the hands of a handful of people who consider themselves as gods and who consider the rest of humanity as slaves.

In March 2020, most of the directors of nations decreed a quarantining of their populations in the face – said the media belonging to a few global groups – of a pandemic (Covid-19) which was going to kill millions of people. Certain directors, less corrupt, did not create the misery that accompanied this measure but instead put at the disposition of their populations products that heal easily, and they have had almost no deaths. In the midst of all the lies in the media appeared the project of buying up weakened enterprises and above all, some think, to insert microchips into the world population by a vaccine that would be rendered obligatory. The aim is to control every human from his birth to his death. The promoters of the project do not even hide this [1].

What they still hide is their satanism.

All this did not arrive at once. Jesus had warned us: “you cannot serve God and Mammon” (Matthew 6, 24), Mammon being a sort of god of money. Anonymous money. This was the trap, because by means of money from anonymous societies, all the powers of this world can be manipulated in secret, by buying them one after the other. This phase of the diabolic project of world unification is already realized in large part, including the imposition of a global cultural conformity. What remains is the political part: to install a global government, a global money, a global currency and a global police system. Then, having no rival, the one who will be at the head of this global enslaving oppression “will make himself seen” and, certainly, will make himself adored, Al-Dajjal. And he will also make his master Satan (Shaytan, Iblis) to be adored.

And all the adults on earth will have to take their position. Those who dream of dominating others (a trait common among all the “messianist” movements) or who are full of hate and contempt, these will hurry to adore the Antichrist Ad-Dajjal, even if his global government provokes catastrophes and genocides, impiety and moral corruption. Those who have acquired the true and only Messiah, Jesus, and all those who will have worked against the misdeeds of Ad-Dajjal and will have limited his harm will take their position against him. From that time the Judgment will be ready. Thus, we understand why God will permit the “manifestation” of the Antichrist. For once human beings have taken their positions, then “as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of man be in his day” (Luke 17, 24). The very fact of the glorious manifestation of Christ – not in one unique place but everywhere at once on earth – will be THE Judgment. The Antichrist and his partisans will not endure to see Christ, they will disappear (2 Thess 2, 8-12).


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