1. Ancestors of ‘Issa --Meaning of History, Meaning of Suffering

The ancestors of the Messiah already shed light on the meaning of history and the meaning of suffering.

2. To Be Protected against the Rajim (the Damned)

The power that delivered Maryam from the grip of the Rajim comes from Jesus the Messiah, and it is also Jesus, who frees every man from the accursed Demon.

7. The Kalima (the Word)

What has become of the Good News of a Word coming from God and therefore capable of vivifying us and opening to us a good future, provided that we have faith in him?

8. Have You Said: Take Me and My Mother for Two Divinities?

In the Assyro-Chaldean Church (of Aramean language) the expression “mother of Jesus” designates the Holy Spirit (a feminine term).