30. What Community on Earth?

The Sura “The Family of Imran” teaches: ”You are the best community that has been made to spring forth for men” (s. 3, 110).

Each of us desires to be esteemed, loved, chosen, preferred. The vital question is this: am I loved by the Creator? Love goes from one person to another person, and in this sense, all love is a love that “prefers.” A mother loves all her children and prefers each in the sense that she sees the character and the richness of personality of each one. How much more is divine love able to really love (a love of choice, election, a love of “predilection”) without however excluding (cf. Saint Paul to the Ephesians 1, 3-6). Thus, there is no place for racism (God loves my race more than the others), nor for supremacism (God loves my community more than the others), because racism and supremacism reduce divine love, they enclose God in a small dimension.

The human heart aspires not only to individual salvation but also to a communitarian salvation, a social realization, such as global, that one can designate by the expression “the Reign of God on earth,” the ideal realization of the life of community.

What must we know?

Jesus (‘Issa Al-Massih) is king, but he is a king “not from this world” (John 18, 36). Notably, he has come “not to be served but to serve” (Matthew 20, 28). Spiritual maturity consists in dominating oneself so as to use power for veritable service.

What we must also understand is that “the Kingdom of God on earth” is not possible before the Judgment of the enemies of God, and that Judgment cannot be realized except by the Word of God, Al-Massih.

In a parable, Jesus (‘Issa Al-Massih) warns his disciples that they must not operate the Judgment by themselves for it will be done by the angels (Mt 13, 40-43). Among the angels, we have their chief Saint Michael (the very one who formed Jeanne d’Arc for her mission from the age of 13), he whose name signifies “Who is like God (Mi-Ka El)?” and who conducts us to adoration. Impossible to reduce divine love by a racist or supremacist belief. God is great, incommensurable, and He conducts us to large views.

The Christian vision is subtle because it inherits the great mystery of the Word emanating from God who has become the child of Maryam. This great mystery conducts to a union of spiritual and temporal powers “without confusion or separation.” Among Muslims, numerous are those who deplore the brutality of the separation of the Church and the State in 1905 which would culminate a century later with bioethical laws going so far as to profane the place where the divine Paternity intervenes to create the human soul at the moment of conception.

Moreover, as we have repeated in diverse ways, we cannot impose the Reign of God, we can only limit the harm of the Antichrist, the liar, and prepare positively for the Reign of God. Saint Peter tells us clearly: we can hasten the glorious Coming of Christ by saintly conduct and prayer (2 P 3, 11-12). In effect, what would it serve ‘Issa (Jesus) to annihilate the Antichrist Ad-Dajjal, if there were no person on earth wanting the divine Will?

And so, the community on earth will no longer be organized as a pyramid where a few dominate all the others through finance, the military, and the media. It will be a Community where each serves the common good by being inspired and vivified by the Spirit of God.

En pouvoir pyramidal ou royaute du christ